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Welcome to Sero Tented Camp!

Where Nature's Beauty Meets Luxury.

With spacious tents, exceptional amenities, and warm hospitality, your stay at Sero Tented Camp is a gateway to unforgettable moments.

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We Offer Outstanding Service to Make Your Travel Pleasurable.


Warm Hospitality

Embracing guests with genuine warmth at Sero Tented Camps!


Free Wi-fi

Stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi at our Camp!


24-Hr Running Hot Water

Enjoy round-the-clock hot showers for your comfort!



With our Enhanced security, Your safety is our priority!


Modern Bathrooms

Modern bathrooms, flush toilets, Comfort redefined at Sero Tented Camps!


Commitment to Quality

Unwavering commitment to quality experiences at every step!


24-Hr Electricity

Continuous power, Lighting up your stay 24/7!

Tailored comforts await in our wilderness retreats.

Our commitment to personalized service ensures every moment is unforgettable, creating cherished memories in the heart of the wilderness.

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Wellness & Relaxation

Discover tranquility, Wellness and relaxation amid the wild beauty of nature.

Dining & Cuisine

Savor exquisite cuisine, Delight in bush dinners, enjoy sundowner drinks in the wild ambiance.

Romantic & Special Occasion Services

Cherish love, Private starlit dinners, intimate proposals, and tailored experiences for your special moments.

What Our Customer Say About Us!

Emanuel and his team created a once in a lifetime camp in the Northern Serengeti. Every person who supported the camp showed kindness, patience, and an attention to make your experience special. The camp was beautifully set right next to a herd of wildebeest - which I recommend going after the great migration begins. The tents were clean, a mosquito net wrapped around the bed (which is nice just in case) and the shower had hot water. The food prepared was delicious and synonymous with Tanzanian cuisine. Thank you to the Sero team for making this experience one of a kind!

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Griffin B

We spent two days at Sero tented camp with the whole family. We had a great time, great welcome, friendly and helpful staff, the tents are spacious, well equipped and clean. The chef prepares excellent African food and the fresh home made bread is delicious. The camp is immersed in an extraordinary wild nature that can be enjoyed in a very comfortable stay. Highly recommended

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Bruno C

We stayed at the Sero tented camp for one night when staying in northern Serengeti on safari. Our luxury tent was nice! Comfy bed! Good food! For breakfast, lunch and dinner all was really yummy (lunch they cooked fresh and gave to our guide so we could eat out and about on our game drive). For dinner they served all guests a buffet/ BBQ outside with candles on the table which was really nice, then headed to the campfire after which is nice to sit around and speak with other Safari goers sharing stories of their experiences before heading to bed. The staff were very friendly, kind and willing to help! As with most tented camps, you just let them know when you want a shower and they very promptly fill up the hot water tank at your tent. Overall a really amazing tented camp right in the middle of the bush! Highly recommend this camp if going on Safari in Serengeti! 😃

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Amazing experience! A home away from home. This camp had all the wonder and feel of the Serengeti with all of the amenities you could ask for to be comfortable. The staff was very friendly and accommodating and the food was so delicious. 10/10 would highly recommend!

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An amazing stay and experience. Everything was great. The service, the food, the beds, the tents, the manager was so kind and always checking on us. I highly recommend this place for a safari. Sleeping in the middle of the park with this kind of service was unbelievable.

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Israël M

The best camp we have been so far in a Safari. Everything is just perfect. The location, the staff, food, the tents... They make you feel at home. Beds are comfy, tents are very clean and shower and toilets are very good ,Electricity 24h. I would recommend it to anybody.

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We stayed for 2 nights in Sero Tented Camps during our safari in the Serengeti National Parc. We realy enjoyed our stay here; the tents were very spatious with nicely prepared beds, and every tent has a separate toilet and shower which are very clean. Also, every tent has electrical outlets and wifi, which is quite exceptional for tented lodges here in Tanzania. The staff is very friendly too, they are always ready to help and we liked all the interactions we had with them; we even got to talk with some of them around the campfire in the evening, which we realy enjoyed. Overall, a very good surprise hidden in the middle of the savannah of Serengeti National Park.

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Israël M
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